SQL Server 2008 info

The latest version of TechNet Flash has some good pointers to details on SQL Server 2008 and the CTP available for download.  Some of the things scientists might find interesting are:

  • Language Integrated Query (LINQ) enables developers to issue queries against data by using a managed programming language such as C# or Visual Basic.NET, instead of SQL statements.
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework enables developers to be more productive by working with logical data entities that align with business requirements instead of programming directly with tables and columns.
  • SQL Server¬†2008 provides new data types that enable developers and administrators to efficiently store and manage unstructured data such as documents and images.
  • Support for advanced geospatial data has been added

Organizations today thrive on data. Understanding data trends and having a vision of the requirements of your data-driven applications is crucial in meeting the needs of these applications going forward. For a view of the Microsoft data platform vision, and to see how Microsoft SQL Server 2008 will deliver on that vision, the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Product Overview white paper is a great place to start. And Microsoft recently released a Community Technology Preview (CTP) version of SQL Server 2008 for you to download and provide your feedback to the SQL Server development team. For a quick look at the key improvement pillars in the SQL Server 2008 CTP, click over to the SQL Server 2008 June CTP Highlights.
Over the next month, we are also featuring a series of SQL Server 2008 TechNet Webcasts including the SQL Server 2008 Data Management Overview on July 26. Check out the Webcasts section below for the entire series.

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/abouttn/subscriptions/flash/archive/07-25-07.htm