The BioTeam Delivers Informatics Solution on Microsoft CCS

This is great news for the Bio at iNquiry Bioinformatics Portal for Microsoft Compute Cluster Server - they also mention the "The Scientific Desktop"

"The scientific desktop" aims to build a bridge between common computing tools and everyday scientific computing tasks. One example is an Excel add-in that enables researchers to launch Blast queries directly from Excel and then get results back into their spreadsheet application.

HPCWire: The BioTeam Delivers Informatics Solution on Microsoft CCS

The BioTeam, a consulting collective that delivers informatics solutions to the life science industry, has announced that it is releasing their iNquiry software on the Microsoft's new Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.

The challenge is many informatics problems are data-intensive and require high computational power to solve. However, the individuals who work on these problems are not always experts in scalable computing. Science departments and other groups that are getting into high performance computing for the first time need a platform that is powerful but easy to use, and cost effective. The installation, customization and ongoing support of a scalable commodity cluster have traditionally presented a formidable challenge to busy scientists, and limited budgets.

BioTeam's iNquiry software platform enables the rapid deployment of a ready-to-use cluster and web portal for use in life science informatics settings. It comes preconfigured with many open source scientific applications and can be extended to support additional commercial, open-source or internally developed applications.

Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS) 2003 is a new HPC operating system specifically designed for group and departmental-level deployment.

"Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003 has everything needed to quickly deploy a Windows-based cluster," said Michael Athanas, founding partner of The BioTeam. "The combination of Microsoft's product and iNquiry will be a solid and compelling compute solution platform for researchers and scientists. "

Source: The BioTeam Delivers Informatics Solution on Microsoft CCS