Virtual Earth / Live Maps: beautiful 3D images of Niagara Falls

Check out the beautiful VE imagery of Niagara Falls, I ran across it on the VE blog...especially check out the interactive 3D can even image using this to go "over the falls in barrel".


To appreciate this beautiful image of Niagara Falls we don't need to be aware of the image processing that went into creating it:

  1. UltraCam is flown and captures the imagery with a prescribed set of overlap
  2. Pre ortho processing - ingest formatting, pan-sharpening (mutispectral brought to panchromatic resolution), radiometric normalization (images brought to similar spectral range)
  3. Orthorectification (surface and camera distortions removed from imagery and images are geographically referenced to a coordinate system)
  4. Orthomosaic (individual ortho images seamed and color balanced together)
  5. Final radiometric look up table (final spectral adjustment applied to entire mosaic)

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