Windows Academic Program Announced

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Windows Academic Program Components

Windows Operating System Internals Curriculum Resource Kit (CRK): The CRK was developed by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon (authors of Windows Internals, 4th edition) with Professor Polze from Potsdam University. The Kit is a collection of instructional material, including lectures, labs, quizzes, and assignments, that follows the ACM/IEEE-CS Operating System Body of Knowledge (BOK) to illustrate OS concepts using Microsoft Windows XP / Server 2003 as a case study. The CRK materials are available via the Academic Alliance Repository.

Windows Research Kernel (WRK): The WRK packages core Windows XP x64/Server 2003 SP1 kernel source code with an environment for building and testing experimental versions of the Windows kernel for use in teaching and research. The Windows Research Kernel is available via Academic Alliance Faculty Connection subscription.

ProjectOZ: ProjectOZ is an operating systems project environment that uses the native kernel interfaces of Windows to provide simple, clean, user-mode abstractions of the CPU, MMU, trap mechanism, and physical memory that can be used to perform experiments in operating systems principles. ProjectOZ is an alternative to Unix-based simulators for exploring operating system principles. The ProjectOZ materials are available via the Academic Alliance Repository.