Windows Live Search Beta for mobile

WLS mobile really puts the power of searching and finding info into your hand - I especially use it when travelling to find locations (restaurnats, etc), but also to see the local traffic...smile_teeth

The great part is that it not only run on Windows Mobile devices...but will run on other popular cellphones

What it is
Windows Live Search Beta for mobile devices brings the power of Windows Live Local Search to your cell phone. Now you can get the answers you need no matter where you are. Need to find the nearest pizza place? Directions to a friend’s house? Check traffic en route to the office? No’s all there.

What it can do for you
The Windows Live Search Beta for mobile application gives you fast access to local search and maps, driving directions, and even local traffic information. When you get your search results, you can click to call the phone number of the place you found, or even look at a satellite photo (on some phones) to find the best parking nearby!
Service requires a J2ME-capable or Windows Mobile phone and a data plan for use...the service itself is free, but your carrier may charge you for data usage.

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