WPF/E(codename) CTP available for download

Just downloaded and tried out the December CTP of WPF/E (codename) and it is very smooth - it will be interesting to see how it can apply to scientific research projects.

Both the Windows and Mac CTP's are available...as well as SDK and docs

"WPF/E” is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0 and also with Mozilla Firefox and 2.0.

What is "WPF/E"

"WPF/E" is a codename for a new web presentation technology that is created to run on a variety of platforms. It enables the creation of rich, visually stunning, and interactive experiences that can run everywhere: within browsers, and on multiple devices and desktop operating systems (such as the Apple Macintosh). It is consistent with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), which is the presentation technology in .NET 3.0 (the Windows programming infrastructure), and XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language), which is the foundation of the "WPF/E" presentation capability.