DPWS, WS-Discovery, and SOAP-over-UDP entering standardization

Last week OASIS announced the formation of a technical committee to standardize DPWS, WS-Discovery, and SOAP-over-UDP.  This is big news for all three specifications (and the people who implement and rely on them), as it gives us an opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders in advancing and solifying these specs.

The announcement quotes Sriram Rajagopalan, the Director of Program Management for my group here at Microsoft.  He puts it better than I can:

The formation of the WS-DD Technical Committee is an important milestone and builds upon mature WS-* base protocols by expanding the scope to include the wide variety of devices being used today in homes and enterprises. Defining protocols for discovering, securely consuming and exposing Web services in a lightweight footprint that suits these devices has the potential to greatly broaden the reach of Web services to meet customers' needs. Discovery of enterprise resources, whether devices or Web services, can help make large scale SOA implementations more robust and simpler to manage.

This is exciting stuff and is really important for these specifications.