[EN] Beginner's booklore | Beginner Developer Learning Center

Following up on the launch of the Beginner Developer Learning Center (BDLC) last month, we established a partnership with Wiley Publishing and are now able to offer 261 pages worth of beginner-level content from 3 of their most popular titles:

HTML 4.0 for Dummies

This friendly book gets you going and shows you how to use the HTML markup language — in plain English. It even includes practical HTML projects you can really use, such as an "about me" page, a marketing page, and a product catalog.

Creating Web Pages All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Whether you're opening an e-business or just want to show off the family reunion photos, here's your complete toolbox for building great Web sites.

Visual Web Developer For Dummies

Tired of spending countless hours writing code for your Web pages? Wouldn't you like to create a dynamic, data-driven site using simple drag-and-drop? This handy guide will show you how!

The For Dummies reference books are written for those frustrated and hard-working souls who know they're not dumb, but find that the technical complexities of computers and the myriad of personal and business issues — and all the accompanying horror stories — make them feel helpless. For Dummies books use a lighthearted approach, a down-to-earth style, and even cartoons and humorous icons to dispel fears and inspire confidence. Lighthearted but not lightweight, For Dummies books are the perfect survival guide for anyone who finds themselves in difficult situations.

We will continue to deepen & expand our relationship with publishing partners in order to provide the best beginner-level learning content to our customers.