[EN] Download manager in Internet Explorer?

Several times I hear request to implement download manager in Internet Explorer as Firefox users can experience for some time already.
I think IE-Team is the place to find proper answer to that request but I in this week I observed interesting thing on my Windows Vista and IE7.

I needed to download several virtual machines and these files are huge as you know. It took some time and my network wasn't stable in-time.
I've got several timeouts which are good reason to add myself into that request of download manager with continual download feature.

And here we go.. When I got that download timeout from download.microsoft.com and tried to re-download the file it started from the place it'd stopped before.
I checked it several times (gosh, today my internet connection was just rubbish) and it doesn't look like single-accidental-noone_knows_why incident.

Looks like it's some kind of feature. I downloaded huge files several times in the past but I cannot remember these problems with timeouts so much to recognize that it's normal IE's behavior.
I made additional test. I started download, waited some time and then I manually clicked "Cancel" button. Then I clicked the same internet source file to download again and here we go.


Uber cool even if not clear to the user but still I'm not sure if it's a feature or a bug-feature or something I cannot understand. Even though I'm happy because I could successfully download those damn files :)

Can you anyway tell me if you found this IE's behaviour too? I'm really curious! Tell me! :)