[EN] Technology is like a newborn baby growing

It's funny how easy is to forget one crucial thing very well defined in "Wireless Crime and Forensic Investigation" book written by Gregory Kipper.

If you have a 3 months old child many people around who see your baby less often than your day-to-day and hour-to-hour basis accidentally shout a comment like "oh my god how rappidly your kid is growing" or "how it's changed since last week". You don't see it and more or less this paradox is understandable even if still shocking that you need a 3rd person reminder to be aware of that again.

Gregory analogically expressed technological advance and it's true especially if you're an evangelist and you constantly talk to people about the latest, cutest or even better future technologies in month-over-month basis most of all :)

Similar reminder comes like "Hey you MSofties, why do you deploy new technologies so quickly, we still consider your old ones as new". I know that feeling. I had that before joining Microsoft so I'm aware of two sides of this coin.
First side is: I really love personally to be up-to-date :> It's fantastic to check all these nuts and bolts and speak first in the country on some topic. It's energizing itself.
Second side is: I'm aware that companies most of all think about making money not changing technologies constantly. Priority is if technological shift will increase our "make money" capabilities then we break in.

That's make my job only more demanding to find balance between "I love Cyberpunk times I live in" and "I know that it's all about your business".
You're my only referee and I'm glad to hear your comments anytime :>