Warm welcome


After several experiments with various platforms and my own test (to judge if I'm ready for online journalism or not) put me into this place. So it is.. Space to spread the word and as since my new role at Microsoft is called "Evangelist" it fits very well :)

My first probes with blogging started on blogger half of a year before joining Microsoft. I found it nice try but whole initiative lacked my own consequence on regular posting and bringing any value. As I was checking stats response was adequate to my own note for it.
Later on on spaces I was checking my tongue and writing ability once again. Results was somehow better but I wanted to put it seriously on msdn.com or my own .com site to continue.

As checking for hosting resulted to show up http://dbiesiada.com/ site as my personal signature, putting blog there has been a nightmare up to date. Don't get me wrong, ASP.NET is great platform - very productive to such a web ignorant developer like me. I was stubborn to put it on my own simple code just to have some base to take advantage of ASP.NET. Everything was just fine until my hoster pushed me to contact their support on every minor operation I wanted to do. Rubbish. I could not wait more just to put it all online.

Anyway as the main reason to turn my face back to the web was so called Web 2.0 idea living more and more in my veins. I don't care that much which platform; my own host or not; my code or not and so on is considered. Beyond some patience saved instinct of trying various stuff around. Truth is, that shared content and community alike full use of Internet is the value that gave me an opportunity to come back at full extend after 5 years of break with THE WEB.

I left it long time ago (about 5-6 years ago) when all that Web bouble just broke up and blown into my face directly. Now I think for the very first time after observing the direction it goes that it's really worth to be here and be in not outside the initiative.

Regardless of the technology (of course I still not even working at Microsoft would say that ASP.Net is very productive development environment honestly) I really love to see all these initiatives where people build true feeling of global community and collaboration and technology helps to achieve it so much.