AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft now available!


I'm proud to announce that AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is now available to download from CodePlex!

This was one of those personal projects done in my "free" time, but its amazing to see how well it turned out, kudos to our extensibility team and to the amazing folks at EPAM for building a kick-ass IDE experience!


Video Demo
You can watch a video demo from TechEd Europe with me building a custom addon that uses Halo 3 game sounds into World of Warcraft here.


So what's in it?

Visual Design Surface - AddOn Studio includes a set of toolbox controls that you can drag-and-drop onto the designer to visually design the layout of your addon including popular Visual Studio features like Snap lines which enable you to visually align controls.

Lua Code Editor - AddOn Studio includes a powerful Lua code editing environment including syntax highlighting, colorization, collapsible functions, built-in IntelliSense support for Warcraft functions and events, IntelliSense Code Snippets for common Lua language constructs, code navigation features like bookmarks and Go To Declaration, and all IDE settings are customizable.

FrameXML IntelliSense - AddOn Studio provides built-in support for FrameXML schema validation for addon developers who want to manually edit and customize FrameXML markup.

Auto-Generate Table of Contents - AddOn Studio also takes the hassle out of building the Table of Contents (TOC) file by automatically building it based on what files are in your project.

Auto-Generate Lua Events - The Addon Studio property window shows all of the properties and events available for a Lua control or frame and enables one-click creation of event handlers like a button_OnClick event.
Other Goodies - AddOn Studio includes lots more features including project templates for creating Ace2 addons, automatic deployment to your Warcraft directory, Task Window, Error List for FrameXML and Lua parsing errors, TGA and MP3 file format support, powerful search-and-replace features, and its fully extensible so that developers can build additional tools and editors to improve addon development.


More to come

We're not done yet either as we have lots of ideas and I'm sure end users of the tool will have ideas as to what features to add as well as other developers who would be interested in building utilities and tools that can be integrated into AddOn Studio.