Dallas hotels, thank you David Weller and Gaming sites

Thanks David. I checked into
the Hyatt Regency last night only to realize, as David had, that the Hyatt Regency
is *very* low tech with no high speed internet access, except for their business center
which charges $10/hour and isn't open 24 hours a day.  I was planning on calling
up all the local hotels to see if they had high-speed net access, when I came across
David's post. So I officially checked into the Adam's
hotel today which is cheaper (even if you include the costs of net access),
has more convenient access to the parking garage, late night room service, and best
of all, the lobby has two stands chock full of cookies, brownies and lemonade as a
welcome to all TechEd attendees, and by sheer coincidence, David was in the lobby so
we chatted for a bit.  Since I mentioned David, I should also thank him
for lending me his desktop workhorse
for last month's Frag party.  The reason I needed David's machine is that I damaged
mine while driving to the party.  While on 520, the bridge that
connects the west side (Seattle) to the east side (Redmond/Bellevue) I had to slam
the brakes and my server slammed forward into my car (Always buckle up your machines). 
The machine wouldn't boot at all afterwards, even after I opened her up to make sure
nothing was loose.  After inspecting the machine internals me and the "Mrs."
discovered that the CPU's heat sink had fallen off and the snap that holds it in place
is also broken.  I'll have to check if my machine's still under warranty,
but since I was considering buying a machine just for fragging, David, who had just
bought his machine, sent me a spreadsheet with parts from Google
and the whole machine will probably run me about $1,200. Excellent. 
While we're on the topic of gaming, you can find local places to frag at LanParty,
register your XBL gamertag, and since
it just passed, check out the GameSpy
for the best of E3.