Original Gangsta - VB Rapper

Have you heard of NerdCore hip hop? If not, check out Wired's article Rap Marketing Goes Nerdcore. Whe Wikipedia description is:

  • Nerdcore Hip Hop: Nerdcore hip hop is a musical genre. The name is derived from "nerd" and the "-core" suffix in genre names like "hardcore".

While the genre has rappers like MC Front A Lot, MC Plus+, the true original was the VB Rapper aka Ari "Bix" Bixhorn (picture below). The VB Rapper rose to fame with his #1 hit single "Caught In the Net" which shook up the airwaves and made everyone realize how cool VB could be...

Alas, "Bix" has moved on to Indigo, but who knows what surprises he'll come up with on the Indigo team. Below is a t-shirt of one of the new "specifications" he's allegedly working on:

Download VB Rap Song - "Caught In the Net"

**Extra Credit: How many Microsoft bloggers can you identify in the song?