Back from PDC and I'm still unburying from all the work I have.  PDC was great,
but thoroughly exhausting, and I learned to drive way to aggressively all over downtown
LA in a stylish white Pontiac Grand Am, which Anson Horton (a fellow turtle) described
as an angry vacuum cleaner.  MapPoint was definitely
my friend.  The best part about these events are the people you meet, whether
they are customers, RDs or MVPs, it was great to hang out and socialize with these
groups as we don't get the opportunity to do that too much.  

The cat is finally out of the proverbial bag for most of Whidbey/Yukon and a good
chunk of Longhorn, and now developers are finally getting first hand access to Whidbey
bits.  So what's coming down the road?  We'll you'll probably see several
MSDN TV episodes where different product teams will discuss the changes in their particular

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    Anders Hejlsberg
    's Language Enhancements and Scott Wiltamuth/Anson Horton's New IDE Features
    PDC talks will be available on the C#



  • We'll also be publishing a sneak peek at C# Whidbey document "soon"

In the meantime, you can learn more about the C# IDE in this C#
Pro Magazine article
, or get excited about the C# ecosystem here


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