Sun and Google announce Web Office *Or not*

The cat is finally out of the proverbial bag. Details here "soon".

Edit: Man, was I (and a lot of the Web) wrong. Sun and Google hold a major press conference to announce, get ready to sit down for this, the Google Toolbar with Java Runtime Environment (JRE). I really have to say this is the biggest "nothing" announcement I've seen in a while. While I respect the guys at Sun and Google, do you really think Jonathan's Schwartz statement "the world is about to change this week" is accurate?

I'd be really interested to see how much of Google is running using Java, but I suspect the vast majority is actually in C++. As a company they used to be technology agnostic, some examples below

  • The Google Toolbar, the piece they're distributing with the JRE is written in C++, not Java
  • The Google Deskbar is written using the .NET Framework 1.1
  • Orkut is written in ASP.NET

Will there be a more compelling announcement in the future? Let's hope so