What Random Stuff do you have in your office?

After spending three years here, our team is moving from Building 42 to Building 17. I really liked Building 42, besides being more modern, the 42 dwellers seem to be much more in-touch. For example, Bldg 42 housed many well-known bloggers like Chris Anderson, Soma, Scott Guthrie, Don Box, among others, and I frankly don't know any Buiding 17 bloggers (give a shout out if you see this). My only complaint about Building 42 was the damn COM+ lab with whom I've battled way too many times with contuously-beeping power surge hardware.


Random Stuff in my office
Why is you never realize how much junk stuff you have until you pack it?  Here are some of the gems that I found in my office:

  • A Bad Hair Book
  • The Encyclopedia of Hell - This should be required reading for cube dwellers to properly categorize evil co-workers and to know what level of hell you are in during a project.
  • A miniature tiki god from Bora Bora
  • An Initech Mug
  • A McDonald's Happy Meal Monster Toy that glows in the dark when you pull its arms
  • A Fart Alarm Detector
  • A C# Shot Glass


What random stuff do you have in your office?