Configuring ADFS v2.0 for Office 365

1 Here are the steps i followed for configuring ADFS for Office 365 (see my previous post for installing ADFS)



Click, Start, Admin Tools, ADFS 2.0 Management


Click ‘ADFS 2.0 Federation server Configuration Wizard’


Click ‘Create a new Federation Service’ unless you want to join you server to an existing federation server farm


Select ‘Create a new Federation Farm’


You create an Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)-enabled Web server farm when you want to balance the load of incoming federated access requests that are made to one or more protected applications. The obvious benefits that can be obtained from a Web server farm are fault tolerance for the hosted applications and a possible increase in client-side browser performance. To client computers, the Web server farm performs like a single Web server servicing a highly scalable federated application.

For more details see – When to Create a Web Farm


Select the SSL certificate name and Federation name specified earlier when creating the SSL certificate


Review the results and close



Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith