E14 is coming!!

Take a look at the video from our lead Program Manager (Exchange product team) about the next release of Exchange called code name E14.


This is the 1st version of Exchange that been written for Software as a Service SaS. At Microsoft we run we our own software in a dogfood environment to allow us to test our products. Since this release (as mentioned above) has been designed for SaS we’ve needed to scale the product above and beyond our internal infrastructure.


Universities are now running E14 on Exchange Labs which has allowed us to scale and test features of the product, which is running with 3.5 million users in over 15 organisations


The video gives you a little demo on:-

· Outlook Client


· Outlook mobile


One of the real benefits is E14 is that it saves you money in these challenging financial times!


Still loads more to come, so stand by for more videos!


Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith