Couple of new Microsoft Bloggers: Welcome Alex and Paul

Just noticed a couple of new SharePoint (and some other stuff) bloggers from Microsoft have arrived:

Paul Holdaway who recently joined the Solutions Team (my old team over in the Microsoft Consulting Services world)  whom I’m sure will have some valuable contributions to make. Especially given his enthusiasm for community building on the inside of Microsoft.

The second new blogger is Alexander Windel who has just become the second SharePoint RRE in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). It’s great to finally be part of an RRE Team rather than just flying solo. The good news for you is that it should mean there are twice as many Pints2Share…<grin>

Appendix: What’s a Rapid Response Engineer? (beside a seriously funny job title)

Well, glad you asked. The primary function of a RRE is to respond (rapidly!) to critical customer issues. This basically means they are on call to go anywhere in EMEA to help our customers resolve critical issues with SharePoint (Portal and WSS).

In addition to this, they are charged with performing any number of proactive services, including “health checks”, workshops and supportability reviews. (additionally if you can think of a way Microsoft Support can help you prevent issues proactively I’m keen to hear about it)