Happy Anniversary Point2Share!

Well, it's been 2 years of Point2Share!

I'm a little late with the Anniversary, but it seems I started on 1st April, 2004. (quite fitting that I started it on April Fools day!)

Lots has happened since then, a job change, visits to over 20 different countries, beta versions of the the next version of SharePoint, and lots of really rewarding discussions.

So, it seems a fitting time to thank the entire SharePoint community for reading, for commenting and for helping. Its a community that over the last 2 years has grown enormously, initially I was one of just a handful of dedicated SharePoint Blogs, now my RSS reader is overflowing, counting over 80 sites.

I have to admit that I'm the most surprised that this blog is still going, even when I kicked it off I quietly wondered to myself how long it would last, whether I would get bored after a couple of months. To my surprise, I'm actually still here, still posting, 180 posts later....Its seems blogging works for me, and in fact, it's one of things that makes me proudest about working at Microsoft. The way the company has not only "let" employees blog, but has encouraged us by providing a hosted infrastructure, is really a credit. Its no small risk in setting free what is now thousands of employees to post, and write, whatever they like, in public, via some quasi-official web site.

Anyway, I’m getting all nostalgic and I thought it might be useful to summarise and categorise some of the big posts from the last couple of years!

The controversies!

Only five things wrong with SharePoint
This post came in the middle of probably the biggest ever controversy in SharePoint history, comments were flying left and right about a mostly critical article on the product we all love! <grin>

Some Microsofties ARE listening & Mike and the SharePoint Web Part Storm of 2004
Kicked off by one of SharePoints statesmen, and LONG time blogger Patrick, it commented on the support Microsoft was giving the “SmartPart”. The best thing about this discussion was that it brought Mike Fitz onto the Blogosphere!

The most read posts from Point2Share

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SharePoint Document Libraries and Property Promotion
Approval Workflow and Routing
URLs Matter
Document and Folder Level Permissions
Customising the “My Site” Template
Creating a dedicated Windows SharePoint Services environment
Reserving “Friendly” top level URLs in the Portal
Locking down the Portal Database
Creating a multipage website with Windows SharePoint Services
Start with just one Portal

To sign off for another year, thanks for reading, and keep reading!

Daniel McPherson
Microsoft Rapid Response Engineer and Editor