Large File Uploads

Ever received the following message when trying to upload a file to SharePoint?

The form submission cannot be processed because it exceeded the maximum length allowed by the Web administrator. Please resubmit the form with less data.

If yes, then this is because by default SharePoint limits document upload size to no greater that 50 megabytes. This setting can be changed, by an administrator, by following the below steps:

1. SharePoint Central Administration
2. Configure Virtual Server Settings
3. <Select the virtual server>
3. Virtual Server General Settings

There, problem solved, go ahead, upload your massive file and live happily ever after.

Or at least you will if you have upgraded to Service Pack 1 (Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal ServerRelevant KB Articles from Iyaz), if not you may have inadvertently created yourself a new issue. When you go back to upload the file you may find that the site times out.

The reason for this lies in the way the initial release of the product uploads files into SQL Server, the process actually results in two copies of the file on the server, one on disk and one in memory. If you are dealing with a large file this can obviously take some time, so much time in fact that you go over the time out values.

Now, I know what you are thinking, how can I now increase those time out values? Well, for my money, I would instead recommend upgrading to Service Pack 1. It has been out there for a while now so no excuse!