Point2Share is alive!

Welcome to my new blog on all things SharePoint!

The general idea is to follow in the now established footsteps of other Microsoftees by writing about my experiences with Microsoft SharePoint Portal server. There isn't going to be any regular schedule, I will simply drop things here when they occur to me. I do hope that it becomes a useful resource for the many technical types out there who are deploying, supporting and using SharePoint in the field.

Just for the record, I work for Microsoft Consulting Services where I'm a SharePoint specialist in the Collaboration team. I have been with Microsoft for over 6 years, initially in the Australian subsidiary as a Technology Specialist, then for the last three years in the UK subsidiary as a Consultant. I have predominantly worked with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and generally all of the Office suite of products. I stand firmly in the middle of the Infrastructure/Developer divide and I hope to cover topics on both sides.

I have posted a number of useful links to the site and will be putting together my first technical blog over the coming days so check back soon. Also, feel free to post through any areas of the product you would particularly like me to comment on.