SharePoint SharePoint Everywhere....

I have had a very busy couple of weeks and because I haven't been posting much lately I want you to know just what I've been up to. The good news is I've been travelling all over the place talking to customers about SharePoint, and I'm constantly amazed by what people have been able to achieve!

In the last two and a half weeks I.....

  • Went to Denmark to deliver a one day advanced workshop on SharePoint Best Practices with a really enthusiastic Microsoft Partner.
  • Went to Portugal to help out a customer, cant wait to visit again, had the most delicious Francezinha (hope that is spelt right) and Port!
  • Went to Helsinki to deliver a Proactive SharePoint Healthcheck. We had quite an intense session, spending all day walking through different aspects of the solution
  • Went to Norway to deliver another Healthcheck for a customer doing some interesting things with SharePoint Search.
  • Went to Tallinn in Estonia to present a one day workshop on SharePoint Disaster Recovery. I then managed to stay the weekend, had a great time in what is a really beautiful city. Thanks Tallinn!
  • Went to Austria to work with a customer who has had an issue that just wouldn't go away, it had a happy ending, and on the way back to the airport I jumped in a horse and carriage for a quick tour. Vienna is a stunning city, really beautiful.

I know I should have been organising more "Pint2Shares", look out these soon just my calendar has just been moving too fast!

Anyway, normal programming will be returning sometime over the weekend, I have another "Best Practice" post almost done, just needs a little polish (yes, I polish! Dont look so surprised.....)