Steve Peschka IN THE HOUSE!

Earlier this week Maurice launched an expanded line up at “SharePoint Thoughts”, a line up which, from the names, is a very significant development in the SharePoint blog community. There is no better illustration than todays Steve Peschka’s post on usage statistics.

After Steve’s very modest introduction I feel like I have to point out that internally Steve is known as “Professor Portal”, a pun on an internal tool he developed to help people get greater value from the knowledge in our our internal discussion lists. He’s been very active on these internal discussions for as long as I’ve been using SharePoint and he’s always been quick to lend a hand, something I have benefited from no end.

In addition he has also produced a number of external tools available from gotdotnet and the like. (hey, summarising them would make a great blog post wouldn’t it? <grin>)

Anyway Prof, welcome to the Blogosphere, great to see you on the outside!