What a year it has been so far...

Right folks, I think I’m back on the blog wagon now after what has been a pretty serious last couple of months for me. Between the combination of a new role and then just recently some fantastic holidays I’ve hardly had time to write a web part!

Briefly, I spent a couple of weeks in Egypt, was simply amazing. It’s one of those rare places that you go to with very high expectations, but which then also manages to exceed those expectations. The pyramids are of course just one of those things that everyone should have the opportunity to see. Luxor, Aswan, all incredible. Just thought I would share this picture as I think it sums things up:

Egypt 144 (WinCE)

Then last week I was in Las Vegas. It’s kind of like a distilled America, everything is big and brash. Was there for a mates “stag” celebrations, and boy was there some celebrating.

Anyway, not like me to get all personal in the blog, will get back to the important stuff.
Now, SharePoint, where was I?