Apologies to Søren, Mark and All of you!

Søren, Mark, others…please accept my apologies. You are absolutely right, and I hope you can forgive me.

Also, I want to emphasize to you all that I really respect the great work all of you within the community are doing, and that I have absolutely no intentions of taking the credit for that. In the contrary, my main purpose as Developer Evangelist at Microsoft is to provide information to you and support you as the great community you are. So I apologize for my blogpost that could give the impression that I was trying to take the credit. I thank you all for bringing my attention to that and that it was inappropriate. I guess that I was just too fired up on all the great things happening in the community these days…

Getting feedback on your needs within the MDIP community and Online communities was the main purpose of the 2 meetings in Odense. We did get some great feedback  - thank you all for that! – and now have a good idea on how to support you the best way possible. Stay tuned for a summary and action follow up very shortly. I will arrange a new meeting where we discuss and adjust the joint community plan based on your input.

My great learning through this situation is  that neglected communicating a clear agenda and purpose for both the meetings, and did not perform at all on the second day. I promise this won’t happen again and I really look forward to being able to support the community in the best possible way and being an active contributing part of it.

I thank you all for you feedback which I have learned a lot from, so feel free to post any of your ideas, criticism etc…on my blog. That includes you too Mark!

Best regards