PDC hustle 2

Henrik and René has been at Ole's office, and they got a green light for their L.A trip.


Henrik: "So Ole wanted us to take that new kid with us...Mr Frost...what do you think about that my man ?"
René: "Frost has the contacts we need. We don't know anything about convincing our dogs to use MVC or ASP.NET 4.0."
Henrik: "You're right! This coffee is of the chain man, where did you get it ?"
René: "I got it on the fourth flour...westside corner..but you can't tell anyone. You see the red stains on my shirt...that's Rie...that's for talking to Services about that freeking coffee mahine."
Henrik: "Man, you gotta learn to relax...you know...kick back and enjoy for a second. I don't digg what you doing man!"
René: "Let's go find Mr. Frost before EPG comes around. They are always on my back and I promised them a lot of wins in Q2 - I just can't get my head around it."


Mr. Frost: "So, you are saying that something big is about to go down in L.A ?"
René: "Yup...bigtime...they are flying in all the hot stuff...you know the head of the family. Hanselman, Guthrie, Hejlsberg...all of them...they are all going to be there!"
Mr. Frost: "We have to very careful with this...I know what the big secret is...and let me tell you this...it's not what you had expected! We are dropping a bomb on people in L.A, that's for sure!"
René: "So' you in ?"
Mr. Frost: "Hook me up with a business class seat on the plane, a HTC diamond telephone, Silverlight 3 beta 1...but...I  have to make few phonecalls to make this happen, and you are gonna owe me a favor for this one...by the way, nice hair!"


Bo: "Yeaah...this is Bo talking!"
Mr. Frost: "René and Henrik want's me to come to L.A with them...you know...make things happen. What'u think ?"
Bo: "I think that this peace of junk IPhone i am sitting with should have been used for a chopping board instead...well...you can go if you want...but I want to see results. We need a very high number in my community excel sheet this year...what's the highest number you can think of ?"
Mr. Frost: "A high number...have you tried calling 5000 for an answer ? I gotta go boss, I have a date"
Bo: "Results Daniel...I wanna see results!!!"


Mr. Frost: "So, Dorthe...are you doing to miss me while i'm in L.A ?"
Dorthe: "miss you...I wish I'd never met you! You have messed up my daily routine and you make me go home early...honestly...you and me...we are through!!!"
Mr. Frost: "I love your your attitude woman, keep it up! Please drop me off Pamdeth's home, I have to get up to date on some sales figures."
Dorthe: "arrrghh....stupid red light...hang on!!!"


Mr.Frost: "Pamdeth, who is that in the leather suit ? "
Pamdeth: "Some customers who tried to download an Express version of Visual Studio...nothing comes for free...nothing!!! If you think I am joking, then try to pull my finger..."
Mr. Frost: "Relax man...you can't dress up peolpe and make them dance just because they wan't free software...is this the first time ?"
Pamdeth: "No...last week I had a whole developer divsion down here...I forced them to install VSTS and buy a MSDN premium subscription. How do think we became so rich...this place is where we make all the money...now...pull my finger!"