Cops in the Cloud…

My team just published this outstanding case study for the Vernon Hills Police Department’s new in-vehicle video recording system, based on Modularis’ “Mobile Video Platform” (MVP).  It’s a fantastic solution – and shows how the combination of great user interface technologies in Windows 7 (touch, etc) can combine with the cloud (in this case, Windows Azure) to provide tremendous value and a great experience.

To quote from the top of the case study:

“The Vernon Hills Police Department wanted to support the work of its field officers by installing in-vehicle video recording systems in police cars. After evaluating available solutions, the department chose the Mobile Video Platform from Modularis, in conjunction with the Windows 7 operating system and the Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The solution has saved the city money and has become an invaluable job tool for field officers.”

For more details – you can see the study here:

And we’ll be publishing a lot more information about this solution and Modularis MVP.

The lessons learned here:

  • The cloud can be a fantastic platform for public safety solutions where information needs to be accessed in a variety of channels
  • Having a user interface that is easy to use and specifically tuned to the user environment (in this case, in a car – where touch screen and a well laid out interface are critical to allowing the officers to keep their eyes on the road) is critical
  • If you’re ever in Vernon Hills, Il… you really want to be on your best behavior.  :)


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