Some cool Education Windows 8 Apps for Kids... and How to Rate Apps in Windows 8

From the looks at the lines at BestBuy and the Microsoft Store... and the sold-out status of just about all of the Surfaces (Surface/Surface 2/Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2)... and the number of Dell Venue 8 Pros I've seen purchased (including mine... which I LOVE... and would use more if I could ever get it away from my daughter... hopefully Santa brings a nice shiny red one)... I think there will be quite a few Windows 8 devices out there just waiting for some great apps.

To get folks started, I put together a short list of some nice education apps for kids... note, this is a VERY limited list... there are well over 10,000 apps in the Windows 8 Store... I'll keep folks updated on new apps I come across, though.

In the meantime, check out the below apps... and please do the developers a favor and RATE the apps... it helps others find the apps, and gives them credit where it is due (and lets them know what needs to improve).

To rate an app, simply:

  1. Run the app
  2. On touch devices, swipe from the right to bring up the charms.  On non-touch devices, move the mouse to the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the "Settings" charm.
  4. Choose "Rate and Review"
  5. Pick the number of stars you'd like to give the app... and add a review if you like.
  6. Click "Submit"... and you're done!

Below are the apps to check out...  feel free to send me any others you'd like me to highlight!


Stack the States

FREE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! (normally $1.49)   Great app for kids– very helpful in learning US Geography.  There’s also a companion “Stack the Countries” app that is also free for a limited time.  I think it’d be best for ages 5+ (and enjoy both apps, myself)

PBS Wild Kratz

Three fun science-based games based on the PBS Series.  Good for ages 3+.  Free trial available.

Endless Alphabet

Really, really cute game to help with spelling and vocabulary – you really have to see it to understand why.  Good for ages 3+.  Free version includes 55 words, with optional purchase for more.


My Homework

Very nice, FREE, homework planner solution.  Probably best for students in middle to high school.


NORAD Tracks Santa

Only a few days left!  Use the app or the web site… always a nice way to ring in the holidays. Lots of videos and some small games to keep the kids occupied through the big night.  Best for ages 3+.