3D Tools Workspace updated to December CTP bits

I've packaged a new release of the 3D Tools workspace targeting the December CTP WinFX bits.  This release adds two requested features to the ModelViewer sample.  The first is the ability to light the scene.  This is convenient if you are viewing a model which does not contain lights.  There are two options for lighting:

1.  Headlight – This will add a white directional light which follows the viewing direction of the camera (imagine a flashlight duct-taped to the front of your camera.)  The headlight is now on by default.

2.  Ambient Light – This will add a white ambient light which will fully illuminate the scene.  The lack of depth cues this causes will make the scene appear “flat”, but this mode can be useful for examining a model for correctness.  The ambient light is off by default.

MV-None MV-Headlight MV-Ambient
No lights Headlight Ambient Light

Changing the lighting options in the ModelViewer does not change the model (i.e., it is non-destructive.)

The other new feature is the ability to reload the currently open file to view any changes since the file was last opened.  Both new features are available via the View menu.

The release contains both binary and sources.  To run the ModelViewer, you need .NET Framework 2.0 Redist and the December CTP WinFX Runtime.  To build the solution you also need the Windows SDK and optionally VS 2005 and the VS Extensions for WinFX.