Bouncing Back...

Trying to ease back into the community after a short hiatus, I ported the Boing demo that I blogged about back in June to the Avalon CTP build.  You can get the updated source here. Just load the solution in to the VS.NET Whidbey Beta and press F5. If you are using Visual C# Express, see RRelyea's notes (via ChrisAn).

You will probably notice that the demo hasn't changed much since WinHEC:

But there are some differences (mostly in the code):

  • It's running on Windows XP (note the Luna theme with blue color scheme - blue is very important!)
  • The source comes in the form of a VS.NET solution.
  • Window1.xaml's code behind is almost empty:
    • The ball is now animated entirely using the platform animation features instead of a Timer.
    • The ball's geometry is shared via <Application.Resources> in MyApp.xaml instead of being parsed from a string at runtime.

If you want to have some fun with the animation, try moving the animated RotateTransform3D to the end of the Transform3DCollection to get an effect that looks less like physics and more like poltergeist activity:

(If you're not sure what is going on, this might help.)