Mantis 3D Space Shooter

When we decided to integrate 3D into the Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) the scenarios we were targeting for v1 were:

  • 3D effects, like a “Next Page” transition that looks like the turning of a page in a book

  • Data visualization (charts, graphs, etc.)

  • Catalogs where you can rotate items in 3D

  • 3D icons and vector graphics styled on to 2D controls (Buttons, ListViewItems, etc.)

  • A mall kiosk which shows an interactive floor plan in 3D

…and related scenarios which add a bit of sizzle to traditional applications excluding games. However, while gaming was not a targeted scenario for v1 there is some coincidental overlap which makes WPF a decent option for certain types of games. (Mostly games where you are clicking with the mouse instead of madly staffing. :)

One example is Mantis, a polished looking 3D space shooter that Mitch Walker has been building using the Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) and Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo). Follow the links to his blog for a description of the project, future directions, and a video snippet of actual game play. Here are a couple of screenshots from Mitch’s blog to entice you: