[AUS] Developer tools promotions

one page, 3 promotions.
If you are australian based, please have a look to the following page

The main promotion is the Team system step up offer :
If you have a Visual Studio Professional with MSDN subscription license and you are willing to transform your Visual Studio edition into a Team System role, then do it now and benefit from a 30% discount.
why should you do that ?
     no Team role edition = no quality check (the Team system roles are the sofwtare quality tools)
so even if you have Team Foundation server you need the roles edition to move from "I hope" to "I'm confident" about the project status. I like the following formula
     Predictibility = Visibility + quality
                Visibility is Team Foundation Server and Quality are the Team System roles.

I you have already one role (like Team Developer or Team Tester) you can step up to Team Suite and benefit too from a 30% discount.

feel free to contact me for further details. My email is  jihadda@microsoft.com