Developers, how could you save more money?

On the application management perspective? Definitely, and the ALM Application Lifecycle Management approach (with TFS has the main repository) is the solution
The technology? Yes again as you need a productive and complete development platform. Microsoft Plateform (.NET Framework + Windows client, server and mobile + SQL Server + Biztalk + other Microsoft servers) is the most compelling one in the market

But what about the IDE, is Visual Studio Professional (not Team System) just a commodity? No! Visual Studio Pro is offering, both an access to any development or extension to the Microsoft Platform but also the most productive IDE in the market. The following quote, from Cie Studios (who hosts and managed the Pioneer portal) is a good testimony “Today, Cie Studios is working on the next version of the portal, using Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition and .NET Framework version 3.5. According to Choi, Visual Studio 2008 has better, more integrated support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), and cleaner, faster, and more efficient use of IntelliSense. “ Click for the rest of the Pioneer case study.

During this time of global economic instability in the marketplace, many companies and many people will become victims and get distracted and focus on what they can’t control. How could you proactively better control your IT budget (to create new value and not just keep the light one) and found cost saving ideas?
For the Application development topic, Microsoft can help you:
- control and optimize your application lifecycle management (ALM), with Team System and Team Foundation Server
- build solution using the Microsoft Platform (.NET Framework, Windows, SQL Server,...)
- increase your development productivity using Visual Studio