Sketch flow … the missing link?

How are you capturing the business needs when building a software application? Data diagram, requirements? Can your business contacts (the one requesting a new solution through a software application) understand and read these “pre-technical” documents? Can you capture properly their demands and visions?

We know the answer … the standard process is to capture the business requirements in some kind of Word document, to let them sign off and then handover to the developers … crossing the fingers that the result is align with the business needs and expectations

Is there another way to capture or “visualise” the business needs prior to any technical activity? … What about sketchflow?

 Instead of building documents, can you draw some quick and dirty (sketch) screens and ask the business to validate them?

(Can be done with some sketch controls or by drawing on a tablet)

 Then you could wire-frame these screens and build a first level of navigation

And send the “draft” for feedback as a running workflow to your stakeholders or users (Draft actually behaves like an application)
(Feedback gadget included – left hand toolbar)

And then only start to capture requirements starting with what the business signed off

Looking for more info about SketchFlow? you’ll have to wait for Expression Blend 3!
                  I recommend the session with Matt Morphett at Remix Australia