Team System for C++ Developers

From Rob Caron Blog :
Despite the ever-growing popularity of .NET development, a question we frequently receive is, “What does Visual Studio 2005 and Team System offer for the Visual C++ developer?”

Visual C++ developers will find a lot of new capabilities in Visual C++ 2005, which are supplemented by a number of features unique to Team System. Here’s just a sampling:

  • Code profiling tools to detect and correct performance bottlenecks
  • Code analysis tools for identifying common coding errors such as, buffer overruns, un-initialized memory, null pointer dereferences, memory and resource leaks
  • Unit testing and code coverage tools to test code functionality and measure test effectiveness
  • AppVerifier is designed to detect and help debug memory corruption, critical security vulnerabilities, and limited-user account privilege issues
  • Support for 64–bit application development
  • And of course, improved support for developing applications for the .NET CLR with C++/CLI

You’ll find details about many of these features in the following resources: