[Team System] V-Modell® XT for Team Foundation Server released


We released the V-Modell® XT Implementation for Visual Studio Team System. V-Modell® XT is obligatory for most software projects that are funded by german government. V-Modell® XT is a german standard. We deliver a generator that enables the transformation of V-Modell® XT processes into valid Team Foundation Server Process templates. Additionally to delivering V-Modell® XT as a Team System Template we enable a process merge with e.g. MSF elements to enrich the more "project management" focused V-Modell® XT with detailed process model elements.

E.g. High Level V-Modell XT Requirement specification can be implemented as Scenario and Quality of Service Work Items using our process merging generator.

This enables a out-of-the-box, real-world usage of "V-Modell® XT for "Visual Studio Team Foundation Server"-based projects.

A major investment has been made into modeling V-Modell® XT work items that are the base artifacts in our implementation. Here the expertise of our implementation partners really a great release possible:

The entire code including a V-Modell - TFS Process Template example can be found on: http://www.codeplex.com/VModellXTTFS

There you can also download a generated V-Modell® XT TFS Template if you are curious. We are very actively using this implementation as door opener in public sector.

As I know that most of you won’t profit from the implementation, the case of building a generator that transforms a full blown formal model into a out-of-the-box usable TFS model might be interesting to point customers.