[Team System] Where do I get Team Foundation Server 2008 ?

TFS 2008 Trial Edition - If you haven't purchased TFS 2008 yet or you want to try it out on a new server, you can download and install the TFS 2008 Trial Edition.  It can later be in-place updated to Standard Edition or Workgroup Edition.  You can download Trial Edition here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/products/aa700831.aspx

TFS 2008 Workgroup Edition - If you have purchase a Team System client product with MSDN, you also get a license for TFS Workgroup Edition.  You'll recall Workgroup Edition is a full version of TFS but is limited to 5 users and does not require CALs.  Workgroup Edition is available on MSDN subscriber downloads now.  I'm told you can get it from here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/subscriptions/default.aspx

TFS 2008 Standard Edition .

  • Retail, also known as Full Packaged Product (FPP) – The retail English SKU has been released and is available now. If you purchase TFS through a retail reseller, you can order it now, install it and you will have the properly license product ID that you need. For the french one, you'll have to wait for Feb/March
  • Microsoft Volume licensing - The short of it is that the 2008 products will not go on the Microsoft price lists until January 2008.  This means there is no way to actually buy them in volume licensing until then.  However, MSDN subscribers can download 2008 products licensed under MSDN today through the MSDN subscriber download (as in the case of Workgroup Edition above).  The issue is that TFS Standard Edition is not included with any MSDN subscription - it is licensed separately.  Because of this, there is no way to get a TFS 2008 Product ID (PID) or the TFS 2008 Standard Edition download through volume licensing until January - when it is on the price list and you can actually buy it. In January, you should be able to download TFS and the corresponding PID from the MLVS site.