“Visual Studio 2010 – the ultimate offer” roadshow - invitation

The next wave of the latest Microsoft technologies is about to land on our shores, providing new and exciting ways to develop custom applications.  Visual Studio 2010 is the upcoming release of Microsoft’s market leading integrated Development Tool Platform - specifically designed to leverage these new capabilities.

Come to this presentation to learn how Visual Studio 2010 has been enhanced to enable you to deliver modern, high quality applications to your organisation. We will tell you what you need to know before the launch of Visual Studio 2010 (March 22nd, 2010).
Don’t miss Readify’s demonstration of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and MTLM, along with the enhanced capabilities of Team Foundation Server.

Why Visual Studio 2010? (70 min)
           For the new Microsoft platform
           To minimise business risk and increase software quality
                   demo based on Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
Why now? (30 min)
           Understand the new Visual Studio product family
           Learn about the new MSDN benefits!
           The ‘Ultimate offer’ – ending March 22nd 2010
Q&A and Close (10 min)


  • Hobart           Nov 17  
  • Melbourne     Nov 19
  • Darwin          Nov 24
  • Sydney          Nov 26
  • Canberra       Dec 1
  • Perth             Dec 3
  • Sydney          Dec 4
  • Adelaide        Dec 8
  • Brisbane        Dec 10
           * Places limited or subject to availability


Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further information