MSDN Canada Chat: Developing Secure Web Applications

Recently I did a talk on Creating a pentration test for Web Applications and Mobile Applications at the West Coast Security Forum in Vancouver, B.C Canada on November 22, 2004.  I was very honoured to have received the Best Presenter Award voted by the delegates.

To follow-up on this talk as well as other security workshops I have been delivering, I will be conducting a chat to discuss how to secure ASP.Net Web Applications. 

The primary focus will be on the writing of secure Code to prevent the most common type of hacking techiques as

    • Sql Injection Attacks
    • Cross Site Scripting
    • Canonical Representation Issues.
    • Authentication Spoofing

Additional emphasize will be placed on the best practices for using .Net Code Access Security as well as threat modeling to analysis your applications for security vulnerabilities and how to create a penetration test from the threat

To sign up for this chat go the following link: