Wow!  We currently have 1800 people registered for Security on the Brain Webcasts.  There is still room, so if you want to learn more about developing secure software using Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 then these five sessions for one hour every Wednesday, starting March 1, 2006 are for you. 


I am just finalizing putting all the content together for the Webcasts and I am sure you find it very useful and informative.  I plan to discuss the good and the bad about developing Secure Software and go heavy on the demos.


The more sessions you attend the better chances you have to win an Xbox 360.  A brand new one…not mine!!!  Now I thought that might get your attention!


After each Webcasts I will provide further details for area of interest that I did not have time to discuss in the Webcast on my blog.


Speaking of blogs, check out the new MSDN Canadian Developer blog that my colleagues, John Bristowe , Jerome Carron and I will blogging on as well.  I will be mainly blogging on Security, whereas my colleagues will blog about other activities and technologies.