Windows Communication Foundation Go-Live

Through out the holiday season I was working with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)--formerly known as "Indigo"-- for building distributed applications.  I extremely impressed with the concept of the single programming model to develop distributed applications that use different transports such as:

  • TCP,
  • Web Services
  • Web Services--Advanced Specs
  • MSMQ

Personally, I was interested in the Security aspects of writing Secure Distributed Applications, and I was very impressed with the capabilities of setting a Security model at the Transport or the Message layer or a combination of both.  This also includes the ability to do Authentication, Authorization and Auditing.  Authentication can not only use X509, SAML, Windows Token, InfoCard but also integrates well with the ASP.NET 2.0 Membership and Role Provider.  In some upcoming blogs I will start talking more about the different Security scenarios with WCF.

However, for this blog I am very happy to say that if you are extremely interested in taking a closer look at using WCF to write your distributed applications, Microsoft has announced a Go-Live license.