Deploy Windows 7 The Easy Way: Using WDS, MDT and AIK - Step-By-Step Video

In this video you will learn how to deploy Windows 7 the easy way.  We walk through a light touch deployment of Windows 7 and show all the steps that are needed to make it happen using WDS, MDT and AIK.  We start at the beginning of the process and do not stop until we have a client computer completely deployed.

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Step By Step:

  1. Make sure you have infrastructure setup (AD, DNS, DHCP)  Download files; Prepare for deployment Learn more about the MDT 2010
    1. Download the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010
    2. Download WAIK for Windows 7 {large ISO}
    3. Download Windows 7 Deployment Guide
  2. Install Windows Deployment Services role [WDS] {Server Manager: Roles - Add Windows Deployment Services [defaults for all except turn on "respond to all clients"]}
  3. Install Microsoft Deployment Toolkit [MDT] {Learn more about the MDT 2010}
  4. Install Automated Installation Kit [AIK]
  5. Create MDT 2010 Deployment Share {deployment workbench: right-click deployment share} 
  6. Add Operating System Files to the deployment Share {Deployment Workbench: Operating Systems: Action Pane: click Import Operating System}
  7. Add Drivers {Deployment Workbench: Out-Of-Box Drivers: Action Pane: click Import Drivers; browse to location of drivers} 
  8. Note: We did not add applications but you can do that just as easily.  You just need the media and you need to know what the parameter [switch] to do a quiet install.  For office 2007 the switch is "setup"
  9. Create Task Sequence {Deployment Workbench: Task Sequence: Action Pane: click New Task Sequence [Turn on sysprep and capture computer]}
  10. Update Deployment Share {Deployment Workbench: MDT Deployment Share: Action Pane: click Update Deployment Share}  [This creates your WIM and ISO files based on the configuration from above]
  11. Import Boot WIM to WDS: Now we need to import the files create above into our Windows Deployment Services. {Server Manager: Roles: Windows Deployment Services:Servers:FQDNofServer:Boot Images - Right Click - Add Boot Image - Browse to location of \\severname\deplymentshare$\boot\LiteTouchPE_x??}
  12. Network Boot the Reference Computer {Boot and press F12 for PXE Boot [note if using Hyper-V virtual guest you have to use a legacy NIC to do PXE boot] Follow on-screen prompts}
  13. Add Captured Reference Image to Deployment Workbench {Deployment Workbench: Operating Systems: Action Pane: click Import Operating System - change to "Custom WIM" and select the WIM from the Captures share \\servername\deploymentshare$\captures}
  14. Create task Sequence for Target Computer {Deployment Workbench: Task Sequence: Action Pane: click New Task Sequence [leave sysprep and capture computer off]}
  15. PXE Boot Target computer to deploy image :) 

In case this walk through was not enough detail for you... Here is where you can get some more help on these topics:

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