Events for March

 Fast search is deeply intertwined with SharePoint and so I make it a point to go to as many SharePoint events as I can. Events I will be attending this month that you might be interested in:

NYC SharePoint User Group -

Wednesday March 2, 2011 (always on the first Wednesday of every month)

The Future of Productivity: How Does SharePoint Fit In?

With the release of SharePoint 2010 and the adoption rate climbing, what else is there left for SharePoint to do? In this session, Mark Miller will gaze into his crystal ball, looking 10-15-25-50 years into the future to see what the future of productivity might look like and how SharePoint fits in.

Mark Miller is Founder and Editor of He travels internationally as the SharePoint Evangelist for Global 360, speaking on the relationship between SharePoint and complex business processes. 

Enterprise Search User Group -

Wednesday March 9, 2011 (always on the second Wednesday of every month except July and August)

FAST for SharePoint: Customer Use Cases and Lessons Learned

This session will provide a technical drilldown of how real-world search-driven applications have been delivered on top of FAST for SharePoint. We will showcase the following customer use cases:

•      Skills Search: How to integrate billing, experience, and directories into a single index record to enhance the relevancy of skill profiling

•        Content-Based Expertise Search: How to search for expertise based on published content, and use fuzzy-matching to extract a single expert identity

•        Matter and Project Search: How to find similar projects, link billing information with project types to estimate new projects

•        Actionable Search: How to better visualize search result items and reuse relevant content into a visual workspace

•        Personalized Search: How to integrate an eCommerce-like recommendation engine into the search workflow, e.g. People who searched for this also searched for these topics, or People who liked this document also liked these documents.

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The New York City SharePoint Developers User Group -

Wednesday March 16, 2011 (always on the third Wednesday of every month)


NYC Women in SharePoint -

Wednesday March 23, 2011 (always on the fourth Wednesday of every month)

SharePoint Job Summit!  

This session is a redo of the January session, which only a few of you could make due to the weather, plus MORE! Susan Xie, Director of Recruiting for CGS, will be talking about the various job classifications that exist in the SharePoint space and what skills are required for each one. There will also be one or two other folks sharing their experiences and talking about the opportunities for developers, admins, project managers, architects and information specialists of all kinds so don't miss this session!  

Since I work in the building where all of these events take place (1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York) it is quite easy for me to attend them. Pick one and participate!

Upcoming events I will be speaking at:

Techstraveganza (NY) - Architecture: Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint - Friday March 18, 2011

SharePoint Saturday (Twin Cities) - Saturday April 9, 2011

Boston Area SP User Group - May 11, 2011

SharePoint Saturday (NY) - Saturday July 30, 2011

Architecture: Fast Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

With the new release of SharePoint comes a plethora of new features: linear scalability, support for more languages, better relevancy, and support for 100 million documents in total per farm just to name a few. Yet, Microsoft’s acquisition of Fast Search and Transfer in 2007 has changed where SharePoint enterprise search is going. After a brief overview of SharePoint 2010 we will look at Fast Search Server 2010, what its feature set looks like and the reasons for using it over SharePoint search.

Also, visit the SharePoint Saturday web site for listings of all the upcoming SharePoint Saturday's happening around the world.

See you there!