July: Everything You Wanted to Know About Search Architecture in 45 Minutes

Come join us on Wednesday July 13, 2011 at 1290 Avenue of the Americas for the Enterprise Search User Group!

Here is this month's announcment:


Everything You Wanted
to Know About Search Architecture in 45 Minutes

This talk will attempt to explain the architecture of search in SharePoint
2010, the components that are part of this service application, what they are
used for and how they differ from what was available in SharePoint 2007. 
We will also cover the changes in this search architecture when you deploy FAST
Search for SharePoint.  After this talk you should have a better
understanding of how the pieces of the search puzzle fit together and how you
can architect, size, and scale your search solutions in SharePoint 2010. 
Topics covered will include: Search Service Applications, Query Components,
Index Partitions, Crawler Components, Search-related Databases, FAST Search for
SharePoint and more.


Leonardo Souza, Senior Technical Instructor at FAST University/Microsoft, is a
professional with thirteen years of experience working with Microsoft
technologies and of that time, over half a decade dedicated to the search
industry.  Leo assists organizations to implement powerful search
solutions either directly in the field or teaching search-focused classes from
Brazil to China.

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And just because: the speaker, Leo Souza, has a great blog. I highly recommend it.