64bit support for the BizTalk Orchestration Profiler and BizTalk Documenter

A number of you have contacted me in recent months to report that the BizTalk Orchestration Profiler and BizTalk Documenter didn't run on 64bit machines, this seems to have been down to compiler settings which I've now resolved.

I've uploaded a planned release for both tools to codeplex - if you've got a 64bit machine I'd appreciate it if you could install and test the tool to see if it works on your servers?  Please let me know either way - I'll then make the releases as the default released versions once I've got validation.

You can find the releases at the following URLs:



I've done some tidying up across the entire codebase to make it easier to support and also reworked and re-released the Word output option for the BizTalk Documenter thus allowing Word documents to be generated as well as CHM files.  Let me know if the Word output doesn't work as expected for you when compared to CHM output.

Please keep any feature suggestions coming...