A BizTalk Swicki!

A colleague of mine just introduced me to the concept of Swicki's, what on earth is that you ask?   It's effectively a community personalised search engine.

When you create a swicki you supply a initial list of sites that the community (BizTalk in this case) rates as having the most effective and relevant BizTalk information, you can then search this community knowledge-base and receive really accurate results.  I've played with a few swicki's today and they seem really effective.

I've therefore created a BizTalk Swicki and added a search box to the right hand side of my blog, it would be great if you could all add the same box to your sites and build the swicki network, can you also let me know your best BizTalk resources and I'll ensure these are added to the swicki to make it even more relevant!  I've added my starter for 10.

You can add the swicki to your site using this link, and search it directly using this link.  A BizTalk focused search engine!  Cool!