Domain Specific Language Tool Support

As I mentioned yesterday, our tools support for Domain Specific Languages (DSL) has now been unveiled, the first step to enabling the Software Factories vision

You too can leverage the design surface technology in Visual Studio 2005 – you can see great examples of this today in the Beta with the Class Designer, Whitehorse designers (Logical Datacenter Diagrams, System Diagram, etc.).    

So you can have a designer leveraging the rich design surface in VS2005 for any DSL you can imagine, enterprise patterns, business processes or even (and particularly useful in a huge number of cases) to create/modify XML files. Microsoft has a huge array of very complex XML files to drive our products, imagine a DSL describing this “language” and a designer to allow you to visualize and create these files without cracking notepad open J

I’m by no means an expert, but a newbie just scratching the surface….

More here, and you can get the tools from here later this week

More soon!