Professional BizTalk Server 2006 Book Update


After some very long days and nights I've shipped my second Chapter to Wiley, I decided to go after the chapter I was most passionate about this time round and the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) chapter was born - some 105 pages which is slightly worrying given the book itself is only supposed to be 700 pages and I've got around 14 more chapters to write! It's come together really well though, covering all of the BAM plumbing, outlining how you could use it and then demonstrating BAM enabling a proper application and then creating a "Observation Portal" for Dev/Ops and Support people.

My next chapter is on Adapters, after a brief introduction to the guts of Adapters I'm planning to drill into each in-box adapter and cover what it can and cannot do, dynamic properties (when using dynamic ports), context properties they populate and provide some proper real-world examples for each Adapter.

Any suggestions - get them in quick! :)

Another big development is that I've persuaded my colleague Kevin Smith to contribute to the book which is fantastic news, Kevin as you probably know was a Dev Lead on the BizTalk Product Team up until the 2004 release and was already reviewing the chapters as the official Wiley Reviewer.

Kevin will be writing the low-latency chapter, and contributing to the Testing Chapter (BizUnit) and Performance testing, as the author of BizUnit he's got the best background for the chapter and we've both done large-scale performance testing so it's great to get his contribution which will make the book even better!

I've spoken to a lot of customers recently who seem to be eagerly awaiting the publication which is great to know, I wish it was out today but it's going to be the end of 2006 I'm afraid :(

Thanks for your comments, as ever I'm always keen to hear your feedback - I want 5/5 scores on Amazon! :)